HGH and Peptides

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Peptides are something that have attracted a lot of attention in the world of fitness, but a lot of people aren’t entirely clear on what they are or how they work – as well as whether or not they are safe.

Peptides aren’t really anything special – they’re just a compound of amino acids – one carboxyl group is joined to the amino group of a different amino acid, and when water is eliminated, the to amino acids become a peptide. Anything that is made up of fewer than 50 amino acids can be considered a peptide – anything that is bigger is considered to be a protein.

Peptides are essential in the body. The body can make its own out of amino acids, and we need all of the amino acids in order to make everything that our body needs. We use peptides to make hormones, neurotransmitters, and build muscle, among many other things. Amino acids are important for things like the production of human growth hormone – and if you aren’t getting enough of those amino acids you will end up deficient in the hormone, and as a result you will find that your athletic performance deteriorates, and you take longer to recover between workouts.

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Amino acid supplementation is something that most people who are serious about health and fitness do, but a lot of people are not so clear on how peptides work, or whether they are worth taking. Peptides are generally better than simple amino acids, because they are easier for the body to digest – the body doesn’t have to break them down into usable parts, and they are more stable than un-bonded amino acids, so they are easier for the body to just make use of.

Two readily available peptides that you can buy in stores are Glutamine and Creatine. These are quickly absorbed and do not carry a lot of unpleasant side-effects.

There are other peptides on the market though – and some of these are quite controversial. Research peptides tend to come in inject able forms, and they promise huge increases in the production of HGH. They can help to increase your lean body mass, lower your body fat percentage, and help you to recover more quickly after strength training. Examples of these peptides include IGF-1. Ipamorelin and GHRP-6. These peptides are banned by a lot of the athletics governing bodies. These peptides are not sold in stores – they are only available for clinical use and for research purposes.

More Research Needed

The main reason that these peptides are restricted in availability is that there has not been a lot of research done into their long-term safety. Peptides such as Melanotan can increase the appearance of tanning on your skin. SNAP-8 can decrease the appearance of wrinkles. While it is entirely possible that peptides will do you no harm – since all they are doing is giving your body the fuel that it needs to do things that it would be doing anyway – there is also the possibility that it could have long term negative effects on your body.

IF you want to look younger, feel stronger, sleep better and have a much more fulfilling love life, then peptides are the answer. When you order Peptides online from High Peptides you at least know that what you are putting in your body is what you think you are taking – If you have any pre-existing health conditions, or are taking any medication, then it might be a good idea to talk to a doctor that is sympathetic to performance athletes, so they can give you a good idea of what you should be doing, and whether there are any risks specific to your personal situation. Even supplements can be harmful if you are on medication that will interact with them